Korean tradition medicine town

영천 한의마을 

* Work at dmp

This project is to design a multi-complex for Ko­rean medicine which has the character of theme park. The program includes museum, clinic, ac­commodation, retails and outdoor activities.
The challenge is how to build 2 or 3 story-Korean traditional building on the north side of the hill.
We put the buildings on the north side of the site where the slop is relatively gentle and close to the entrance of the site, trying not to interrupt the existing nature and land, and then connect them with the circulating passage.
We make full use of the land’s level differance and split the building into pieces to overcome the restriction of the volume and to realize the con­cept of traditional space.
As a result, the whole village links as one and cre­ates authentic landscape in the harmony with the surrounding.

Location : Yeongcheon, South Korea
Site area : 78,600m²
Building area : 4,398m²
Total floor area : 5,857 m²
Number of floors : 3stories over the ground
Structure : Reinforced concrete structure
Material : Concrete, wood, glass, Korean traditional roofing tile
Position : Project Designer
Business in charge  : planning, management